Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shivering in the summer at below zero

Omg. Not long anymore and FFXII will come <3 Fortunately I've pre-ordered it so I don't have to panic that will I get it. Though I can't play all of the weekend because we are going with Kirsi on Friday to watch Ghost Rider and on Saturday I might MAYBE go to Kirkkonummi to drink. Maybe that is. Holy hell, I JUST WATCHED THE DISCSHOP ORDER STATUS AND THEY HAVE SENT IT ALREADY!!!! OMGOGMOMGOMG! THE GAME CAN COME TODAY EVEN! Ha! Oh, yum. I'm crazy. I have to cook today and I hope that Kirsi comes to visit. I don't know then, maybe I would want to go to her place, but these people here are so poor that I'm cooking to them as well. I know that when I don't have money myself I won't be kept hungry. Tonight I'm going to Koivukylä if my love doesn't see her friend Merja.

Now I'm excitedly waiting what comes in the mail today :P~~~~

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