Monday, October 26, 2009

Games and pregnancy

Weekend behind. On Friday Merja came to visit and they watched Dead Silence with Kirsi. I can't watch that movie voluntarely anymore. It's so scary. :s

On Saturday we went to Jumbo and I reserved Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. I took a few games in exchange so I had to pay only 1€ for the two games. Nice! Then we went and bought a few pants for Kirsi because of the growing belly... ;) (I've deleted some of the random blog posts here that are not in any way related to gaming, so I might add here that Kirsi is pregnant) We're having our next ultra sound examination on Thursday, so maybe we'll find out the gender from it! Today Kirsi is going to the maternity clinic, I guess shes having some sort of examination there too.

We'll see how my week goes now....I'm just eagerly waiting for Thursday!

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