Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great morning

The sun is coming up slowly. I woke up at 6:30. Trying to keep my sleep rhythm like that maybe some haååy day I would wake up to work more lively. In the past 1,5 years I've been fully awake maybe once..

Yesterday we got the combat boots we ordered a while back...and sent them back. Feels bad on my feet, and Kirsi's boots were shitty and clearly used. I don't understand how they dared to send those. Oh well, good thing that returning those don't cost anything. Varusteleka was the shop, don't buy anything from there.

We went to Tikkurila and ate at Wing Lung, good chinese food. Just mildly irritating that there were 4 teenage girls on the table next to us who were giggling about boys and "Do you wanna be with him?!?" "I wasn't with him because of his looks" etc.

Bought a cable from Prisma that I can put on the PS2/3, Xbox or Wii. Picture more clearer on a modern flat screen TV. Much better to play Final Fantasy with it. I recommend it highly.

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