Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making progress

Odd how I started to stray away from Final Fantasy 12, when I look at old posts I can see that I was really addicted to it, then I lost interest and now it's getting addicted again. I really don't feel like playing anything else. Maybe it will be great again for 47 hours and then I get bored? Now I've played 15 hours and feels great. I just have to make sure not to take too long breaks from it so I remember something from the story.

Btw, Vaan is annoying as hell. Strange how I didn't see that earlier.

But so much for games.

Picture from weeks 19+2, 29.10.2009

Pregnancy weeks at the moment 37+5.

Hard to say anything on the waiting front. Few days over 2 weeks to the due date, and the waiting has become really impatient. I want the little one already. :) The physical "symptoms" on Kirsi have been greater, but I can't really say anything more specific about that. Just some swelling or something. I'm just an observer..

I'm really ready for Leo already.

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