Monday, March 1, 2010

Something something something something

First, some weather. Whew, the long lasting cold (below 0 degrees celcius, finnish: 'pakkanen') finally came to an end a few days ago. Now the snow has started to melt and soon we'll enjoy the slush, notice the sarcasm. It's already sleeting (or raining sleet? I'm not familiar with the weather words in english). So hooray for wet feet and floods. And then the water probably freezes and there's ice everywhere. Slippery roads hooray.

Now to more important matters. Only 3 weeks to go until the due date for the birth of our baby. Oh did I mention already that his name is Leo. We found out the gender in an ultrasound scan almost 18 weeks ago. The pregnancy week is now 36+6 if I remember correctly. I'm so excited :p We have all the things we need now ready, so the only thing to do is to wait.

On the videogaming front I had to send my Xbox 360 to Germany because of the crappy DVD drive. Games and DVDs didn't always work. So, i've been playing Fallout 2 and final fantasy 12 now. I think I'm starting to like FF12 again. When I first played it I got pretty far, 47 hours of play time, but then for some reason it wasn't so interesting anymore. Maybe it was the story. When there's a long time of not playing the game, I forgot the story and didn't know what I was doing. So better to start from the beginning. Fallout 2 on the other hand is, as always, most excellent. Never get tired of it.

Sorry if the text is a mess, I wrote it with my phone.

Oh yeah, we bought the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival tickets today, we're gonna see Ziltoid in July! x_x

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