Thursday, August 30, 2012

Of games and men

So, as I tried explaining earlier, I'm a person that cannot play just one game and be satisfied. I need to do different stuff, and I rarely feel like I could be satisfied by playing with the same game mechanics all the time. It's really a wonder that I played SWTOR for six months, and that was pretty much all I played. I was hooked. This can happen sometimes, that I become "addicted" to one game, that I feel like I don't want to play anything else, but it's really rare. The one thing in SWTOR that did it for me was the Player vs. Player Warzones. Oh I just love to be better than other people.

So, a while back I tried to fight my nature and try to finish one game at a time. I managed quite well in the beginning. I played through Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1, but then I started Assassin's Creed. Oh lord that game is boring. It was fun in the start, felt interesting, but when I got out of the starting city and in to the next one, my interest in the game collapsed. I've heard so much good things about the second one that I might try it. I'm more interested in the multiplayer of Brotherhood. I love PvP in all the forms I can get. <3

So that went badly. I started jumping from game to game again. Day-Z is keeping me entertained, Minecraft has had a too long break, I need to finish my KotOR playthrough to youtube....lot of stuff. And Guild Wars 2 just came out.

Now in Guild Wars 2, the PvP is constructed quite differently. The normal PvP sets you straight to level 80, with skills and all, so that everyone is equal. It works better than any kind of boosting system, I think. It's just quite hard to make sense of the skills and it really requires time and practice to master everything. I didn't bother with the Trainers, I just went straight in the game and tried to do my best. And even though I am playing on a crappy laptop at the moment, I'm doing quite well! With my Necromancer. I think that again this will be the one thing I will be doing mostly, as I love to compete.

If you are playing GW2, add Praemorior to your friend list, and say hello.

I just made a really big guy, Norn and a thief. It's quite funny. The opposite of what I'd think a thief to be. We made characters with Kirsi that we play only with each other. Then I have the Necromancer that I stopped leveling really, because I've been playing PvP. I should play WvW more, but it's really not that fun with this computer because the bigger battles are a slideshow.

Now talking about crappy computers, our own laptop at home will never be able to run the game even at the lowest settings, and we talked with Kirsi about maybe getting another computer, as she's been playing more and more with the PC as well (Skyrim, Deus Ex). So, sure, let's buy a computer that's about equal power as our current one. We bought our computer 2 years ago, and it cost somewhat 750€. Now I've been buying parts for our new one and the total sum is about 550€. The "new" computer will be like this:

Asus P8Z77-V LX & 8GB Kingston RAM 145€
Antec Sonata III 500W case 110€
Radeon HD 5770 80€
Intel Core i5-2400s (boxed) 179€
Western Digital 3.5" SATA 500GB HDD 53€

Now the case and graphics card are the same as our current computer, but at least the processor and motherboard are a little better! And 200€ cheaper then our current one! I'm sure it will go to good use. Now I just have to find a cheap monitor...

On the left here you can see my Steam library. I want to play most of these games. Where will I get the time? Oh well, at least I'll have lots to do after I retire from work in 40 years.

I feel like I should fill this empty space with something...


the derp

is a derp

with a derp

in a derp


with derpderp

what the derp

derp the herp

and a nut.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a little something about GW2

I've just being updating/translating my old posts here, so I hope that someone will give them a read. Oh well, that doesn't really bother me. Maybe I'll get one reader some day. I always bring up this topic? Shut up already.

Now that we've been away from home for a while because we have a....putkiremontti, argh, I'm too tired to look at some translations. They are changing the pipes in our bathroom and kitchen and stuff. We can't be at home at the moment. Oh, what was I even thinking about? This had something to do with gaming...well, not.

Now that Guild Wars 2 is out, Kirsi has been playing on our computer, and all I have is this..well, not a crappy laptop, but crappy for gaming, so I haven't been able to put in so much hours to the game, but with the little time I've spent in the game I can say that it's better than SWTOR. It feels more fresh. Even just some little things feel so good, like a proper achievement system, keeps me wanting to play and explore everything. The WvWvW PvP has been brilliant as well! Massive armies. The one really good thing about this game is that it really feels like an MMO! The one bad thing about TOR was that it always felt empty, mainly because of the too large maps. In this game there are always a lot of people attending the events and such. Even in the lauch of TOR the only places that had people were that starting planets and the fleet stations. And I'm talking about a LOT of people now.

But now that there's a game that we both want to play on the PC, I've been looking at some cheap computers. We'll probably get one that's about the same that our current one, just because it doesn't cost that much anymore, and it plays the game brilliantly. We just have to get rid of our crappy laptop.

Oh, and Baldur's Gate is coming for the iPad next I might not be playing that much GW2...we'll see.

I'll write more about Guild Wars 2 when I've played more.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Really changing the focus

Just a quick update more concerning about the blog.

Starting to delete all the old posts I've made. Translating some game related ones to English. This will be a gaming blog some day! I'm just thinking about the name...oh well, I'm sure that anyone who accidentally comes here and reads this won't mind a blog named "I am your father", even if I don't write stuff about parenthood.

New winds blowing

I'm not sure if I've tried this already, but I'll be trying to write more stuff about games and the gaming world now. That's just a topic I like, and even though I love my son, I just don't have so much interest in writing about stuff we do or how he's doing. Maybe because rarely anything happens that I could write about in an interesting way. We're doing fine, and he's growing up normally. How's that?
I want to talk about games, and I want people to follow the blog and comment about the things I want to talk about. Oh well, I don't expect that people will start to follow or anything, but I just want to throw some random thoughts out there If I feel like it. Now let's see what I can write with my phone in the 10 minutes I have left in my break.

I spent a good 6 months in the game, from launch. Loved it, but as it was the longest time I have spent in one game, it started to bore me. I thought that I could be an alt person, making every class available, but the gameplay is just not so fun that I would do it over and over again. The one thing I loved with my Sith Sorcerer was PvP. It was always thrilling and fun, even when losing, but I have so many games to play that doing basically the same thing every day is just boring. New maps won't help. It would help if I'd start a new character, but I just can't do it anymore. I want something completely different.

So I set a limitation to myself. One game at a time, and I'll play it through before starting anything else. Bow, usually when I play something, I jump from game to game, maybe 30 minutes of something and then 30 minutes of something else, so I'm not really completing anything. Then I just stare at my Steam library for half an hour just thinking "what now?". Tol much games, too little time. Makes my brain confused.
And I'm out of time now. I still want to say something about Guild Wars 2, Knights of the Old Republic and Youtube, Assassins Creed, my Star Wars collection...a lot of stuff really, so watch for that.