Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a little something about GW2

I've just being updating/translating my old posts here, so I hope that someone will give them a read. Oh well, that doesn't really bother me. Maybe I'll get one reader some day. I always bring up this topic? Shut up already.

Now that we've been away from home for a while because we have a....putkiremontti, argh, I'm too tired to look at some translations. They are changing the pipes in our bathroom and kitchen and stuff. We can't be at home at the moment. Oh, what was I even thinking about? This had something to do with gaming...well, not.

Now that Guild Wars 2 is out, Kirsi has been playing on our computer, and all I have is this..well, not a crappy laptop, but crappy for gaming, so I haven't been able to put in so much hours to the game, but with the little time I've spent in the game I can say that it's better than SWTOR. It feels more fresh. Even just some little things feel so good, like a proper achievement system, keeps me wanting to play and explore everything. The WvWvW PvP has been brilliant as well! Massive armies. The one really good thing about this game is that it really feels like an MMO! The one bad thing about TOR was that it always felt empty, mainly because of the too large maps. In this game there are always a lot of people attending the events and such. Even in the lauch of TOR the only places that had people were that starting planets and the fleet stations. And I'm talking about a LOT of people now.

But now that there's a game that we both want to play on the PC, I've been looking at some cheap computers. We'll probably get one that's about the same that our current one, just because it doesn't cost that much anymore, and it plays the game brilliantly. We just have to get rid of our crappy laptop.

Oh, and Baldur's Gate is coming for the iPad next month....so I might not be playing that much GW2...we'll see.

I'll write more about Guild Wars 2 when I've played more.

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