Monday, August 27, 2012

New winds blowing

I'm not sure if I've tried this already, but I'll be trying to write more stuff about games and the gaming world now. That's just a topic I like, and even though I love my son, I just don't have so much interest in writing about stuff we do or how he's doing. Maybe because rarely anything happens that I could write about in an interesting way. We're doing fine, and he's growing up normally. How's that?
I want to talk about games, and I want people to follow the blog and comment about the things I want to talk about. Oh well, I don't expect that people will start to follow or anything, but I just want to throw some random thoughts out there If I feel like it. Now let's see what I can write with my phone in the 10 minutes I have left in my break.

I spent a good 6 months in the game, from launch. Loved it, but as it was the longest time I have spent in one game, it started to bore me. I thought that I could be an alt person, making every class available, but the gameplay is just not so fun that I would do it over and over again. The one thing I loved with my Sith Sorcerer was PvP. It was always thrilling and fun, even when losing, but I have so many games to play that doing basically the same thing every day is just boring. New maps won't help. It would help if I'd start a new character, but I just can't do it anymore. I want something completely different.

So I set a limitation to myself. One game at a time, and I'll play it through before starting anything else. Bow, usually when I play something, I jump from game to game, maybe 30 minutes of something and then 30 minutes of something else, so I'm not really completing anything. Then I just stare at my Steam library for half an hour just thinking "what now?". Tol much games, too little time. Makes my brain confused.
And I'm out of time now. I still want to say something about Guild Wars 2, Knights of the Old Republic and Youtube, Assassins Creed, my Star Wars collection...a lot of stuff really, so watch for that.

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