Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PC under construction

Oh hell, the store where ordered the CPU didn't have it after instead of the i5 2400s we're getting the i5 3450, which is a little better. Yay! I'm thinking that I should probably use the new computer myself, but I have all the video editing stuff on our current computer...I'll have to look into that.

And about video editing, I just finished the KotOR Playthrough #30, I just need to upload it. I'm trying to publish one video in a week at the moment, as again I'm playing too many games at a time. I tried to focus on Guild Wars 2, but because we don't have the other computer yet, I haven't felt like playing. I want to play with my wife!

Now back at home the pipes have been changed and we're finally moving back today! The in-laws have been nice, but I really need more personal space. I really dislike it when they are telling me how to raise my son. Sometimes people just don't understand that a child's parent wants to raise them in their own way.

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