Sunday, September 23, 2012

War, war never changes

Fallout. Oh how I love the game. I have never played the first part, but a hell of a lot the second. Love both of them. And I love for giving the first game for free, thanks <3

The pop culture references have not been so frequent as in FO2, but I've seen at least one I recognized immediately to be a throwback to the Mad Max movies. Laughed out loud, check the screenshot for more.

Basic Fallout otherwise, love to build my talker/sniper. I just feel like the second game is more complete and with more features and things to do, but I've just started with this game, so we'll see what's to come. At least I already got the water chip, so there is no annoying time-limit.

Where can I get the time to continue my videos in Youtube...crap. Too many games.

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