Monday, September 17, 2012

What I'm doing now

Well, I'm going to play Dragon Age: Origins. Yes. I was really hoping for Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, but it was postponed for a few in my sad state I wanted to play a good RPG, and I'll let Guild Wars 2 be alone for a while.

Now, what I have in mind is to play through DA:O with 6 different characters. I've managed to play 3 through the Origin stories now, so we'll see if I get bored or not...

Dwarf male, Thorik, from the slums of Orzammar. Would love to see all dwarves as equals

Dwarf female, Rowan, a noble and despises every other race than the dwarves. Was cast out from her city, hoping to get revenge, even with the help of other races.

Elf female, Lilith, from the city. Despises all humans and hopes to see them suffer as much as she can.

Elf male, Al'dur, from the forest. A naive young elf, who thinks that the stories of humans that his clan tells him are exaggerated. Has an interest in all races.

Human male, Grog, angry all the time, hates really everything other than his family. Your typical grunt with more muscle than brain.

Human female, Kharon, mage. Sees that she's cursed with magic, but hopes to help the world with her skills. Does not like dwarves, as she values beauty.

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