Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eat it or you'll die

A little something about our son. More stuff from GTA V coming maybe in a later post.

When you have a child, you really want him to survive. That's a basic instinct, right? Then why does the feeling come out so negative when he's not eating? I've been stressing out lately with the fact that our 3 year old son doesn't eat that well when he's home. Well, if we'd give him only bread, then sure, he'd eat nothing but that! But a home cooked dinner apparently is never a good thing. And when he doesn't eat, I sometimes get really upset. I even get some really aggressive thoughts, that don't make any sense.

Louis C.K. really knows what I'm talking about.

I just have to accept the fact that he'll eat when he's hungry, and stop stressing out. Maybe he actually doesn't even know what a real hunger means, in our perfect society when there's always food available? My wife was talking about the third world countries, that because they don't have enough food to become fat and lazy, they have a better survival instinct and the smaller children probably don't have any trouble eating whatever.

Our son was complaining a stomach ache earlier, could it be that it was just hunger, but because he hasn't felt it that much, the instincts to eat have maybe dulled? I think that it's a thing that's hardwired to a human from birth.

Oh well, the situation will fix itself in time. I'm not going to starve our son on purpose!‎

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