Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Grand Online Auto Theft

GTA Online has seriously become a time sink. After I played The Old Republic for 6 months, I kind of promised to myself that I wouldn't ever stick with one game again, just because I want to experience so much different things in games, but here I am again.
I have several games that I want to play, but I don't. I start to feel guilty about spending all my free time to play one game, when I have bought other games earlier that are now on hold. I probably just shouldn't think too much about it because almost all the time I'm spending in GTA, I'm having fun! That's the thing I want when I play games, it's all about having a good time. Therefore I shouldn't feel guilty even if the fun I'm having is just from one game. The good thing about this is that I can have several different experiences in this game.
Before talking about Online I want to mention that the single player part of GTA V was great, pure 10/10 by my standards. I think that there are no perfect games, there never could be, so a 10 does not mean that it's perfect. Basically the one thing that could have been a little better was the story. Although I liked it very much, I wanted to be surprised by...well, anything, but that never quite happened. Also there could have been more heists, but I suppose we'll (hopefully) see more of those in the downloadable content coming for the game.
Now all the good and fun things like driving, flying, shooting and roaming the big world are present in the Online mode too, but it's even better when there are other players there with you. I've been an MMO fan from the first moment I understood what Phantasy Star Online was about back in the Dreamcast era. I was always intrigued about playing with other people from around the world, making an avatar to a virtual world and doing things. I have also been a PvP fan from my early play sessions with Quake 2 and Unreal Tournament. I was just a little kid at the time, but competing against other people always gave me a massive adrenaline rush and I loved it. Even now playing GTA Online and racing against 15 other people with the overtakes and crashes but then finishing first gives almost an euphoric feeling, like a drug...and I'm addicted. Also the cooperative play when doing missions with friends is fun, when some random things happen and you have a good laugh about it.
The other day I flew a helicopter to a friends apartment and a person was standing in the road and I accidentaly tilted the chopper just a little so that the propeller killed him. Later we figured out that even when the helicopter is on the ground but it's still on, if you're a passenger and exit, you jump just like you would with the parachute meaning you faceplant the pavement. Just little accidents like this give a great laugh. Maybe I'm just stupid? The way the cars flip and jump around with the spontaneous races also makes me grin.
Someone could ask that if I want to drive, shoot, fly, play golf, play tennis or throw darts, then why not just several seperate games that "could do it better". Well, the answer is that when I can have one character with my own Mini Cooper and an apartment where I can drink wine, I feel more immersed the world and I feel that I'm truly building reputation for that character. Also I feel like the things I can do in GTA Online are not "second grade", but truly well built games in a game. Can't wait for the Vice City expansion..
Sorry about the possible errors in the writing, I'm quite busy at work so I couldn't check for the correct writings...in words...erm, not a master in english as you can see.