Sunday, November 30, 2014

That Star Wars teaser

I probably shouldn't say that I blog about Star Wars stuff, if I never talk about Star Wars stuff. So! Some Star Wars stuff then! I have that Galactic Empire emblem tattoo on my right wrist for a reason...

The Episode VII Teaser

Now, wasn't that fun! We got a first glimpse of Tatooine, one of the heroes and heroines. Some nice dark side stuff as well as a new kind of lightsaber, more like a lightsword now.

If I've understood correctly, most of the negative comments about the trailer are about this new piece of equipment. And what do I say? I say what HelloGreedo says.

The crossguard, like in regular swords, really helps out in the "keeping your hands intact" department. So no complaints there. I'm sure that good 'ol George would have made the sabers like this in the first Star Wars as well, but probably decided that he'd want something more "sci-fi" than basic medieval stuff. I think it looks cool. And the sword's laser is a little "ragged" too, looks more homemade than your average lightsaber.

Not much else to say about the trailer. Seems like the Force and Jedi/Sith "religion" has really been dead for a while, so nothing like a new Jedi Order like in the old EU. Maybe this is the film that they start to form it?

What else..what else...saw the Millennium Falcon, yay, I was more excited about the TIE Fighters :p Can't wait for Battlefront 3!! Or a TIE Fighter remake? Pretty please? Hey! That reminds me, go to and buy the damn game

And hey! Any finnish people reading this, go to my other quirky blog where I write random absurd little stories, I want some feedback on those shitty little things.

What did you think about the teaser?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leo, LEGO and Dragon Ageing

Just felt a sudden need to write something (and immediately my son came to me and said "Come play with me"...brb)

(10 minutes later)

Played a little with LEGO. Sometimes it feels impossible to concentrate on anything for more than a minute when our son is awake, because you're pulled from the hand every minute "come play, come play, you can be this LEGO guy"...I don't mind it, when I'm not doing anything, but sometimes it really irritates me. I don't show it to Leo, instead I try to encourage him to play alone for a while. A child shouldn't need constant support from his parents, but instead do stuff on his own. I do like to play with Leo, but more in the video game department, and in more physical stuff, like "adventuring" outside or playing tag and now in the winter sledding is fun too! I've been exposed to too much interesting stuff in things I like to play with, so I get easily bored when playing with LEGO, if I don't have a good idea what to do, and especially when I have something else on my mind. I like more the building aspect of the plastic bricks, but I'm usually at loss when trying to play as a character. Too much going on in my head, I suppose.

Now, in the video game department of my life (and Leo's life), we've been playing the new LEGO video game, Batman 3.

Now there's something to do with LEGO I'll gladly play with. We've been playing it on the PS4, and it looks good and it's the same basic fun that the LEGO games offer. Leo seems to like it at times, but I think this has the same problem as LEGO Marvel; the levels are too long. When we've been playing Marvel on the Wii U, I've always liked (and Leo too) the open world adventuring more than the levels. I loved LEGO Star Wars back in the day (and still do), and I realized that one of the reasons it's so much better is the length of the levels. More compact. And more simple gameplay, as well as the level design. Sometimes in Batman 3 it feels like there is too much stuff going on in the screen. Still don't know if it has a large open area to explore in peace, but I hope it does.

As my wife has been a little addicted to Dragon Age: Inquisition (46 hours and counting, in a week), I've been playing Dragon Age 2 on the PC. First I played through Origins, and now finally going through DA2. I've never played it, and although it feels cheap to reuse the same areas over and over again, I'm still invested in the story of the Hawke family, and deeply interested in the characters and lore of Dragon Age. Probably just because I'm preparing myself for Inquisition. I really dislike the combat though, as it feels too "light", and the sound effects of the mage's staff sound like something from a crappy sci-fi movie laser "pew pew" gun.

In other news, I started reading the Sandman comic, as we have a collection in hard cover, loaned from a friend. Loving the comic! Brilliant characters, storylines and the art is amazing. And this was done so long ago! Shame I didn't find this earlier. Always just thought "Wonder what that Sandman is, huh". And now I know. I was a little surprised about the appearance of Death, heh. Thought it would be cool to cosplay as Dream sometime, and maybe my wife could be Death. We need wigs though...couldn't make my hair so fuzzy even if I tried.

Time for random stuff:

It snowed a little in the weekend, we had fun! Now the snow has melted already..

But ach! I realised I've been writing for an hour (how's that possible?!), even though it feels like 15 minutes, and because I think I'm just wasting my time, I'll stop writing here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Personal shit and gaming stuff

I had some thought today that I'd write about myself and how I think I'm becoming more anti-social the older I get, but then I realized that it really just depends on the feeling. The last weekend was a gaming expo called Digiexpo here, and I thought before the event that it's really fun to see people and get to talk to them, but every time I see someone now, I don't have the slightest clue on what to talk about. I always think my life is really uneventful, and I can never come up with any meaningful questions for anyone. The old and same "How are you?" is just too dull and overused. So instead I just stand there with a blank face and thinking about nothing. Oh well, I suppose that's actually quite normal for us Finns. Still, I wish I was a better talker. Usually the questions and answers come to me after the situation has passed, and then eventually I forget what I was thinking about. Like listening to the podcast I started (PBC), someone says something that I'd want to correct and I think about writing some feedback, but then I listen to the whole episode and in the end forget that I wanted to write something. I should probably try and train my memory. But anyway, it's funny that I still want to connect to everyone when talking about games. I'd like to play more multiplayer games! And talk to people online! Talk what? Dunno, maybe someone else can come up with a subject. Games maybe?

Less personal, more gaming

Dragon Age! We pre-ordered it for the PS4, and now preparing for it, I started DA:O, and am finally somewhat invested in it! I usually have the problem of jumping from game to game, but now I really want to remember more about the lore and world of Dragon Age. We got a cool poster from Digiexpo too:

In Digiexpo I got to try some upcoming games. Bloodborne looked nice, still not a must-buy, even as a Demon's Souls fan (Sorry Dark Souls). Battlefield: Hardline felt like a Battlefield game. Dragon Age: Inquisition was fun with the tactical camera, playing on a console. I managed to confuse The Evil Within with The Order 1886...damn black bars!! The setting in the part of the game felt like it could be in the Order. And then I went and told everyone "Wow that Order 1886 sure was more like a survival horror game than I expected from videos! Now I'm really looking forward for it!" ..

In a more positive light, I got to play Mario Kart 8 on stage, winning the first round and moving in to the finals. Damn people forced the finalists to play with a BMW, and those damn cars have quite a different way to drift than the sports bikes I always use. In the end I was second, which is quite nice, but I could have won the damn thing if I didn't fuck up the start of the round. Engine blew out because I was too hasty with the gas. Oh well. Still got a "nice" Lakitu figure from it, and our son immediately ripped his glasses off. R.I.P

Off to cut some meat for the kitties! And seriously, listen to this:

Been playing on repeat while writing this. Good stuff. Why? Dunno.

And what the hell, I was supposed to play Dragon Age: Origins, not write. And now off to bed. Ach.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diablo 3 + Consoles = Heart

I just wanted to say that Diablo 3 works perfectly on a console. Somehow after ~200(?) hours of playtime on the PC, I thought that a console version could not work, but it's fun as ever! I even managed to get the wife into playing it, of which I am very proud of.

On another note, I'm quite excited for tomorrow, as Civilization: Beyond Earth is finally being released. I have thought about it, and it has been my most waited game release this year, but somehow lately the hype has dropped completely. Maybe it has to do with a pessimist inside me rising and starting to fear the worst, that the game is really just a newly skinned Civ V, with a worse tech tree, and why do the AI players start after you?`Why can't I build my own units like I did 15 years ago? Why this and why that, I'll find out tomorrow. Or maybe it's because I've been more interested in playing with our brand new PS4? The wonders of the next-gen...probably shouldn't have bought the thing as the Social Insurance Institution cut my wife's unemployment support for 3 months...oh well, the wonders of installment paying, yay.

Now I'm thinking of getting GTA V for the PS4...

Playing anything on PSN? Hit me up with a friend request, Praemorior is the name.

P.S. Thanks Rein, you got me writing again.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Diablo 3 addiction

I admit, being addicted to anything is never a good thing. I can still control it and I can still enjoy other things as well, but I would lie to myself (and everyone else) if I'd say that I haven't been waiting to play some Diablo today. This was not a particularly good day, Leo wasn't on his best mood so it affected me more than it should, after all, it was his birthday! (4 years old, I can't believe it!) I shouldn't be upset by anything that he does on his birthday, right? Well, it doesn't work like that. When feeling a little down, I was waiting for the time that I get to do something that I truly enjoy, building expectations for the evening.

After Leo went to sleep we watched the new Game of Thrones episode with my wife, I enjoyed it. And now after it ended, I was ready for a little gaming. Finally able to grind a little to get better gear to grind a little to get better gear. Just something simple that I enjoy, even in short amounts of time. But then I first get this

I first am a little stunned. Then I remember that in today's world it can be a little difficult to play a single-player game...okay, I'll wait a while. 10 minutes and I'm through! The game is starting. But wait, I have to log-in again.

Aaaaand I would have to wait for half an hour more. Okay, looks like they have something wrong with the authentication service. Sure. Whatever. I just hate how depressed I feel from not being able to play a game. Am I too addicted? Probably, and even though I spend time with my family, I feel like the day is ruined if I'm not able to do something fun in the evening, something I have been waiting for, especially after a 'not so good' day.

If someone is reading this, what do you do when you can't do the thing that you were waiting for the whole day to do?

Praemorior#2876 @, send a friend request if you like. And more importantly, if you haven't already, BUY THE GAME! It's bloody great!