Monday, April 7, 2014

Diablo 3 addiction

I admit, being addicted to anything is never a good thing. I can still control it and I can still enjoy other things as well, but I would lie to myself (and everyone else) if I'd say that I haven't been waiting to play some Diablo today. This was not a particularly good day, Leo wasn't on his best mood so it affected me more than it should, after all, it was his birthday! (4 years old, I can't believe it!) I shouldn't be upset by anything that he does on his birthday, right? Well, it doesn't work like that. When feeling a little down, I was waiting for the time that I get to do something that I truly enjoy, building expectations for the evening.

After Leo went to sleep we watched the new Game of Thrones episode with my wife, I enjoyed it. And now after it ended, I was ready for a little gaming. Finally able to grind a little to get better gear to grind a little to get better gear. Just something simple that I enjoy, even in short amounts of time. But then I first get this

I first am a little stunned. Then I remember that in today's world it can be a little difficult to play a single-player game...okay, I'll wait a while. 10 minutes and I'm through! The game is starting. But wait, I have to log-in again.

Aaaaand I would have to wait for half an hour more. Okay, looks like they have something wrong with the authentication service. Sure. Whatever. I just hate how depressed I feel from not being able to play a game. Am I too addicted? Probably, and even though I spend time with my family, I feel like the day is ruined if I'm not able to do something fun in the evening, something I have been waiting for, especially after a 'not so good' day.

If someone is reading this, what do you do when you can't do the thing that you were waiting for the whole day to do?

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