Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diablo 3 + Consoles = Heart

I just wanted to say that Diablo 3 works perfectly on a console. Somehow after ~200(?) hours of playtime on the PC, I thought that a console version could not work, but it's fun as ever! I even managed to get the wife into playing it, of which I am very proud of.

On another note, I'm quite excited for tomorrow, as Civilization: Beyond Earth is finally being released. I have thought about it, and it has been my most waited game release this year, but somehow lately the hype has dropped completely. Maybe it has to do with a pessimist inside me rising and starting to fear the worst, that the game is really just a newly skinned Civ V, with a worse tech tree, and why do the AI players start after you?`Why can't I build my own units like I did 15 years ago? Why this and why that, I'll find out tomorrow. Or maybe it's because I've been more interested in playing with our brand new PS4? The wonders of the next-gen...probably shouldn't have bought the thing as the Social Insurance Institution cut my wife's unemployment support for 3 months...oh well, the wonders of installment paying, yay.

Now I'm thinking of getting GTA V for the PS4...

Playing anything on PSN? Hit me up with a friend request, Praemorior is the name.

P.S. Thanks Rein, you got me writing again.