Sunday, November 30, 2014

That Star Wars teaser

I probably shouldn't say that I blog about Star Wars stuff, if I never talk about Star Wars stuff. So! Some Star Wars stuff then! I have that Galactic Empire emblem tattoo on my right wrist for a reason...

The Episode VII Teaser

Now, wasn't that fun! We got a first glimpse of Tatooine, one of the heroes and heroines. Some nice dark side stuff as well as a new kind of lightsaber, more like a lightsword now.

If I've understood correctly, most of the negative comments about the trailer are about this new piece of equipment. And what do I say? I say what HelloGreedo says.

The crossguard, like in regular swords, really helps out in the "keeping your hands intact" department. So no complaints there. I'm sure that good 'ol George would have made the sabers like this in the first Star Wars as well, but probably decided that he'd want something more "sci-fi" than basic medieval stuff. I think it looks cool. And the sword's laser is a little "ragged" too, looks more homemade than your average lightsaber.

Not much else to say about the trailer. Seems like the Force and Jedi/Sith "religion" has really been dead for a while, so nothing like a new Jedi Order like in the old EU. Maybe this is the film that they start to form it?

What else..what else...saw the Millennium Falcon, yay, I was more excited about the TIE Fighters :p Can't wait for Battlefront 3!! Or a TIE Fighter remake? Pretty please? Hey! That reminds me, go to and buy the damn game

And hey! Any finnish people reading this, go to my other quirky blog where I write random absurd little stories, I want some feedback on those shitty little things.

What did you think about the teaser?

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Mikko said...

I'm not such big Star Wars fan that I would be totally excited of that trailer, but on the basis of that trailer, I think it might be average good SW film.

My opinion of the new sword is that it sure looks ugly. There are some other variants of the sword online, maybe some of those will luckily appear in the movie as well ;-D .

I loved that TIE Fighter game ages ago and bought the GOG.COM -version immediately after it's release. It's still a good game, but at this moment my only gaming controller is a gamepad and steering with analog sticks of it are little too sensitive for enjoyable gameplay. I'm not sure if I should start to learn playing that game with keyboard...