Saturday, January 3, 2015

Modding a PAL SNES

Hello. I've been quite busy with the PS4 lately. Much Dragon Age, such pleasure. Om nom. But hey! I went some time ago to a place far far away, just a few kilometers, and there was a gathering of great things, it was called the RETROPELIMYYJÄISET VANTAALLA. And after checking it out, got out of there with a brand new old Super Nintendo. I've wanted one of these suckers for a long, long time. I was always jealous to my friend as a kid who had one, but never had the chance to get one myself. Finally the stars were in the right place and after the exchange of 30€, I was beyond happy. The money got me just the console, no controllers, games or wires. As I have a NES, N64 and Gamecube already, I had the necessary wires, but I bought a controller and the best game for the system from a neighbour (and the organizer of the retro gaming flea market). The game was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (although german). I then thought, what could I do to maximize my enjoyment of the system? Mod the hell out of it! Well, just a little, so I can play all the Super Famicom games, and the NTSC SNES games. It required some work, but got it done (thanks to a friend, this couldn't have been possible without him).

Following the Mmmonkey guide. (Took over 5 hours, btw)

 Took the system apart. The heat shields too.

Took the RF unit out. (No need to, you can put the switches wherever you feel like)

 Fitted the switches.

Lifted the legs of the chips (as in guide).

Wires as in guide.
Carved the cartridge slot.

So that the NTSC game fits.

Put the thing back together and voilà! Region free PAL SNES. Thanks and praises to Jani!

Japanese Super Mario World (CIB) coming in the mail any day now...and maybe that controller too! C'mon Riku! Step on it! Must be a busy man..

I do enjoy the thought that I can give Leo the gaming pleasures of ages gone, with the original systems, and not with some crappy emulators. Really the only console that I'm missing now that I'd like, is the Dreamcast, but that's a story for another night.

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