Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Being Grand

Probably okay to share this photo.

A friend turned 30, I tried to be Grand Admiral Thrawn at the party. The party was great! A few Darth Vaders, some Jedi and even a stormtrooper! One ewok was running around "jub jubbing". Fun times. I had to shower over 30 minutes at 4.45am, drunk, to get the blue off my face. Whew. Been a while since we last were drinking with the wife, and will probably be a while again to the next time, which is okay. I no longer have the need to go out drinking every weekend, like I wanted when I was 10 years younger.

Some additions need to be made to the costume before the Episode VII premiere. The shoulders. Need some golden...epaulettes? Not sure of that's the right word. Good that there's still some time before december..

Monday, March 23, 2015

Updates on blog

Just realized that I had a million posts in drafts, all the Finnish ones, the really old ones. I'm not sure why I put those in the draft folders...I'm sure that all that shit is really interesting to read, for all the Finnish readers. Some 10 year old stuff there...when I was 18. Whew. Time flies.

ALSO! I'm not sure if you have noticed the "My Star Wars Game Collection" button up there. (Did I mention this already?) It has some pictures now. Yay. Click on those.

Erm. Probably okay to write short stuff sometimes? Would maybe be more motivated to write about my personal life more, because I can't write very long texts about uninteresting things. Or well, there are a lot of things on my mind and in my life, but I couldn't tell random people everything.

Today I am glad that I got some writing done. Leo fell asleep at the table where he was eating his supper(iltapala?) while I was writing the last text. Oops.

The Best Games of My Lifetime - Part 1 - 1987

Hi there! I once thought about writing this in Finnish somewhere, but I guess I'll take this as practice and try to produce it in English here. The idea now, is to list the best games (in my humble opinion) from my lifetime, the best game of every year, starting from the year I was born; 1987. I'm trying to grab the European release dates, but there can be some errors, because I'm not always sure about these dates. When I wrote the first one in Finnish, I read that Castlevania (NES) was released in 1987 in Europe, but then I found out that it was really a year later. Oh well, maybe we'll hear about it more in the next part...maybe....

It will be a lot less confusing later on, when globalization took over and games are released almost on the say day! Think about waiting for 2 or 3 years for the localization....

The Best Game of 1987


1987 was a brilliant year for gaming, I couldn't ask a better year to be born....or well, maybe it would have been better if I was maybe in a playing age rather than a newborn. Aaanyway, a great year! Some of the great games and series that started in 1987 somewhere around the globe were Contra (Arcade), Double Dragon (Arcade), Metal Gear (MSX2), Street Fighter (Arcade), Mega Man (Famicom/NES), Final Fantasy (Famicom), Leisure Suit Larry (PC), Phantasy Star (Sega Mark III) and Maniac Mansion as the first game to use the SCUMM engine! Thanks to Aric Wilmunder and Ron Gilbert at Lucasarts, we now had a system which would later be used to make some of the greatest games in the world possible! There are so many things where George Lucas has influenced my life indirectly...

So what's the best game?

The Nintendo Entertainment System also came out in 1987 in Finland. I probably should ask my parents when they got it, but it was probably around 1990-1991 that we got it, and there was one game that I liked to play with my mom.

As we've ruled out Castlevania, that came the following year, and looking at the European releases, I'll have to go with Kid Icarus, as the best game of 1987. I have many fond memories playing it, usually with my mom. We had some notebook full of passwords and probably even maps of the dungeons. It was always so exciting to get to the dungeons, and the bosses were heart-pounding. The music in the levels had a really adventurous feeling in them, the dungeon theme really felt like we were exploring some mystical place, and even though it sounds more Egyptian than Greek now that I listen to it, it didn't really matter as a kid. Listen to the adventurous Underworld Theme.

The game has some really difficult platforming, jumping around, and it can be frustrating when the screen scrolls and the platform that was safely there just a second ago, was swallowed by some unholy darkness and you miss a jump and get consumed by the same demonic darkness. And then start the level over. Lots of trial and error, but eventually you get better in anything you practice, and I got through the game all by myself. I do remember that I eventually even got the good ending...because I remember that Pit transformed into an adult. And got the girl! Hooray!

Maybe I should have picked The Legend of Zelda, which is by far the better game objectively, but this is a really subjective listing, and truth be told, even as a quite huge Zelda fan, I've never played the first one that much.

So that's it. One down, 28 to go. I wonder what games were released in the year I turned a year old. Maybe we'll find that out....eventually. Don't know if it'll take me a month or a day, but I'll try to write this thing to the end.

Please let me know about your pick for the best game of 1987 in the comments. If I was going by the North American released, I would have said Castlevania, and if I was in Japan I'd probably say Final Fantasy. So there.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Getting ready to party!

Just 3 more weeks and I'll attend my first ever...erm, masquerade? Well, a friend turns 30 and she wanted to have a Star Wars themed party, so (almost) everyone is going to dress up as a Star Wars character, made up or "official". And I'm loving it. I've never had the pleasure to put on a costume anywhere (except for that one time I was the Grim Reaper at a halloween party 5 years ago..)

I won a prize, hooray.
Anyway, planning my upcoming costume and making stuff for it has been fun. Although the birthday hero herself is stitching/sewing the dress itself, I've been finding and doing little stuff. I wonder, can you guess the character I'm going to dress as from the following pictures? Shouldn't be too hard.

 I tried to paint my face a little, got a new belt buckle, and tried to make a rank bar to fit the costume. Rank bar looks like shit in light, but luckily it'll be darker..


I also made "blasters" for my wife's costume, end result on the left, starting point in the right.


 Thanks to the highly trained male model and a professional photographer, I got an early glimpse of the costume in progress. Thank you Atte and Anniina! You guys are the best.

 And finally, boots for the costume. 12€ with postage. Buckle was 15€ with postage. Materials for the rank bar 0€ (from work). Blue face paint with some powder to attach it better, and contacts were about 45€ with postage. Materials/fabric for the costume we're about 40€. Whew. I still need a wider leather belt...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Marching on

Did I already say that I have the New 3DS XL? Probably not... I think that every time I try to write anything, something else comes up. Just like now, I should go and do something, but I won't, because I started to write this. It's funny how it always comes up when trying to write, but when I'm aimlessly surfing around the internet, I'm okay and don't have to do anything.

Anyway, the N3DSXL Majoras Mask Edition is cooool.


It was a stroke of luck that I got it. I even got the Skull Kid statue as a surprise bonus with the console, but because I don't have too much money, I had to sell the statue. I naturally also sold the old Pikachu 3DSXL to fund the new console.

Goodbye kiddo.
I even made a video of the unboxing process (I know, boring as hell, probably shouldn't watch that..). I also show how to change the MicroSD card and make the system transfer. But it's in finnish!

So, naturally I've been playing the new Majora's Mask 3D game that came with the console, and it has been great. Two of the temples are completed, and next up is defending a ranch from aliens.

I feel like I'm being rushed so I have to go now. Ah well, maybe I'll try to write more often. I also started a project to list all the Star Wars games I have here, you can see the link up there.