Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Being Grand

Probably okay to share this photo.

A friend turned 30, I tried to be Grand Admiral Thrawn at the party. The party was great! A few Darth Vaders, some Jedi and even a stormtrooper! One ewok was running around "jub jubbing". Fun times. I had to shower over 30 minutes at 4.45am, drunk, to get the blue off my face. Whew. Been a while since we last were drinking with the wife, and will probably be a while again to the next time, which is okay. I no longer have the need to go out drinking every weekend, like I wanted when I was 10 years younger.

Some additions need to be made to the costume before the Episode VII premiere. The shoulders. Need some golden...epaulettes? Not sure of that's the right word. Good that there's still some time before december..

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