Sunday, March 8, 2015

Getting ready to party!

Just 3 more weeks and I'll attend my first ever...erm, masquerade? Well, a friend turns 30 and she wanted to have a Star Wars themed party, so (almost) everyone is going to dress up as a Star Wars character, made up or "official". And I'm loving it. I've never had the pleasure to put on a costume anywhere (except for that one time I was the Grim Reaper at a halloween party 5 years ago..)

I won a prize, hooray.
Anyway, planning my upcoming costume and making stuff for it has been fun. Although the birthday hero herself is stitching/sewing the dress itself, I've been finding and doing little stuff. I wonder, can you guess the character I'm going to dress as from the following pictures? Shouldn't be too hard.

 I tried to paint my face a little, got a new belt buckle, and tried to make a rank bar to fit the costume. Rank bar looks like shit in light, but luckily it'll be darker..


I also made "blasters" for my wife's costume, end result on the left, starting point in the right.


 Thanks to the highly trained male model and a professional photographer, I got an early glimpse of the costume in progress. Thank you Atte and Anniina! You guys are the best.

 And finally, boots for the costume. 12€ with postage. Buckle was 15€ with postage. Materials for the rank bar 0€ (from work). Blue face paint with some powder to attach it better, and contacts were about 45€ with postage. Materials/fabric for the costume we're about 40€. Whew. I still need a wider leather belt...

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