Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Challenge accepted!

A month ago I got a question challenge thingy from Level Up, and it took a while again to get any inspiration to write, but here we are! The rules were that I should challenge other people to answer these questions, but I rarely read any blogs these days....I don't expect anyone to read mine either, I mostly just think this as practicing my english and...well, maybe that's it. Recording something useless for myself in the future to laugh about? So, no challenges from me, but anyone who reads this is welcome to answer in the comments.

Anyway, here are the ten questions with my answers.

1.When did you start playing games and on what platform?


I started my game "career" probably in 1990, or 1991, with the Nintendo Entertainment System. I have vivid memories of me and my mother playing Kid Icarus. We would take turns, but usually it was my mother who played through the "scary" dungeons. Another memory from 1991 or 1992, when we got the Ghostbusters game; it was my bedtime already but I wanted to play so badly, so I went to bed and waited for everyone else to fall asleep and then went to the living room and started playing. I didn't undrestand anything, and probably my dad woke up and I didn't get to play anything for a week (probably).

2. Your favorite game when you were a kid?


This is a though one, because it really depends on the year and the games. When I was ~8 years old, my favorite game was Sonic 3 that I got to play at a friend, then at 12 I got to play the first Metal Gear Solid and Ocarina of Time. I'd say it was Ocarina of Time, because that was a game I had for myself. The game is still my second favorite game, and who knows, if I had owned a PS1 myself as a kid and had MGS, that could take the place. Around those times I did play FF7 though...

3. Would you rather play single- or multiplayer games? Why?


I do enjoy singleplayer games more than multiplayer, usually because I like a good story. Having fun in multiplayer with some Co-op possibilities is a good choice  also, but I get more immersed in singleplayer stuff, and I like it. Competitive multiplayer is also fun at times, never turned my back to any PVP stuff in games. I've always enjoyed the invasion stuff in the Souls games for example.

4. What are you playing at the moment?


Well, about a billion different things. MGS3 HD on PS3, Talos Principle and Homeworld Remastered on PC, Majora's Mask on the 3DS, Wipeout 2048 on the Vita, MGS: Ground Zeroes on PS4, Diablo on PS4 and PC....and a hundred other things. Mostly focused on the MGS series now that V is coming. <3<3

5. What was the last game you bought?


Well, I pre-ordered MGS:V and bought the MGS HD Collection. Oh and also Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD 1.5 Remix.

6. What game are you going to buy next?


Most definitely Star Wars: Battlefront :)

7. What is the best thing about playing? What about the worst thing?


The best thing, well, usually the experience of going in another world to do something we usually can't. Experiencing thrills we couldn't in real life. Also the stories are interesting! Also I like to challenge my skills at times, and particularly my mental skills. Oh boy do I enjoy those puzzle games. The worst thing would probably be frustration at times, when in a particularly difficult scene in a game it can be really annoying, but then again when finally getting through the spot you feel amazing (usually).

8. Do you get your games digitally or the physical copies? Why?


Well, nowdays I do enjoy mostly digital purchases. On my 3DS I have Xenoblade Chronicles (that I forgot to mention earlier on the "now playing list"), Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem digitally and then a changeable cartridge for a fourth game. I don't always have to carry everything with me. Usually the price is the first thing I look at, if I get it cheaper by buying it as a physical disc, I'll go for it. But I'd rather get the digital one.


9. Any other hobbies besides playing games?


Movies? Well, no other "real" hobbies. I should try and learn coding as a hobby, and playing guitar would be cool too. But don't really have the time with all these games! And raising a child!

10. What does playing games mean to you?


It's all about having fun! Honing your skills, with difficult puzzles or hard platformers. Different games for different situations, the possibilities are endless. ;) What a crappy answer, couln't think about anything too smart. :p

There! Give your answers in the comments. I'll probably write again in a month or two..

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