Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Skidi ja Faija

Moi! Loppu tuli (taas) tälle blogille. Pelihommia ja pelikasvatusta löytyy nyt osoitteesta


Luulen että näin pääsen enemmän kiinni siihen mikä itseänikin innostaa; opetus ja kasvatus. Samassa koitetaan pelata pojan kanssa yhdessä. Toistaiseksi videomateriaali kyllä aika yksitoikkoista hengetöntä pelaamista, mutta hiljalleen tarkoitus parantaa. Kasvatus kiinnostaa, tarkoituksenani olisi kuitenkin joskus tulevaisuudessa sosionomiksikin päästä. Lapsissa on tulevaisuus!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Who has time for these anymore

Been busy with our second child. Born 10th of April, so just a 3 day difference between the kids. And 6 years. Don't have an idea what to write from the top of my head, bust just wanted to make a quick update.

Been quite upset about the politics and the government after the last election (Parliament) in Finland and thought I'd give it a shot, well, not in a grand scale, but I'm trying to get in the Helsinki municipal board(? quite unfamiliar with the political vocabulary) next spring.

I'll probably be posting something on a Facebook page, so you can follow me there.

Also check out twitter, where I'm trying to be more active in the "micro-blogging" department.

And maybe Instagram too. Cute pictures?

Haven't been too active in politics before, but seeing the prime minister among others so blatantly lying to the people, I want to try and make a difference for a better future for my kids and others too!

Maybe more later, have to continue reading The Hobbit to my son.