Monday, September 26, 2016

Who has time for these anymore

Been busy with our second child. Born 10th of April, so just a 3 day difference between the kids. And 6 years. Don't have an idea what to write from the top of my head, bust just wanted to make a quick update.

Been quite upset about the politics and the government after the last election (Parliament) in Finland and thought I'd give it a shot, well, not in a grand scale, but I'm trying to get in the Helsinki municipal board(? quite unfamiliar with the political vocabulary) next spring.

I'll probably be posting something on a Facebook page, so you can follow me there.

Also check out twitter, where I'm trying to be more active in the "micro-blogging" department.

And maybe Instagram too. Cute pictures?

Haven't been too active in politics before, but seeing the prime minister among others so blatantly lying to the people, I want to try and make a difference for a better future for my kids and others too!

Maybe more later, have to continue reading The Hobbit to my son.

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